Globalization of Politics


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Papers collected in this book are presented in the international scientific conference “Globalization of Politics” that was held on October, 12-13 2007 in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The conference was organized by the Political Science Research Centre and Scientific Forum, in cooperation with the University of Dubrovnik. It gathered eminent scientists and experts in the field from Croatia and different European countries that represented a wide variety of different perspectives on the topic. Globalization of politics is certainly important and emerging topic that concerns the actual international politics and its transformation in the age of globalization. Papers in the book analyse and discuss really broad spectrum of issues, starting from more general and theoretical ones, such as: reflections of globalization on democracy, changes of governance, nation state and its role, formation and role of regions and new configuration of politics, rule of law and new geopolitics in the age of globalization, etc. Some of papers are particularly focused on the issues connected with regional organizations, mainly European Union, and furthermore on specific national case studies. Different approaches and methodology ensure multidisciplinary character of the book that in the end offers multi-layered reading which presents most important and relevant discussions on the subject.



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